Sectoral Hyperlink / L-Com 2.4Ghz 20dBi 120″ HG2420P-120

Antena Sectoral made-in Hyperlink/L-Com ini sudah terkenal kualitasnya. Dengan sudut sebar 120derajat dan gain 20dBi mampu menembus jarak belasan bahkan puluhan kilometer. Bracket antena sudah disertakan sehingga pemasangan sangat mudah.

  • 120° beam-width
  • 20° Down-Tilt Mounting Bracket
  • All weather operation
  • Integral N-Female Connector
  • Includes Mast Mounting Hardware

HyperLink 2.4GHz Sectorial Panel Antennas are designed for “cell site” installations providing 0 to 20 degrees up/down-tilt.

Price. $420USD.


  • 2.4 GHz ISM Band
  • IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g Wireless LAN & IEEE 802.11n (Pre-N, Draft-N, MIMO) Applications
  • Bluetooth® & Public Wireless Hotspot
  • WiFi & Wireless Video Systems
  • Wireless Internet Provider “cell” sites


Electrical Specifications

Frequency 2400-2500 MHz
Gain 20 dBi
Horizontal Beam Width 120° degrees
Vertical Beam Width 5° degrees
Impedance 50 Ohm
Max. Input Power 250 Watts
VSWR < 1.3:1 avg.
Connector N Female
Lightning Protection DC Short

Mechanical Specifications

Weight 12 lbs. (5.44 Kg)
Dimensions 39 x 9 x 2.5 inches
(99 x 22.9 x 6.4 cm)
Radome Material UV-Inhibited Polymer
Reflector Material Aluminum
Operating Temperature -40° C to 85° C
(-40° F to 185° F)
Mounting 2 inch (5 cm) O.D. pipe max.
Polarization Vertical
Downtilt (mech) 0 to 20 degrees (adjustable)
RoHS Compliant Yes

Wind Loading Data

Wind Loading Front Surface Side Surface
Area 2.43 sq. ft.
(.23 sq. meters)
(.06 sq. meters)
@ 100 MPH (161 KPH) 79 lbs. (35.8 Kg) 23 lbs.(10.4 Kg)

RF Antenna Gain Patterns


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